Newsletter 2015.1

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November 28, 2014
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February 21, 2015

Newsletter 2015.1


Happy New Year to everyone, the regular season is now complete. Please see the winter league page to get the upcoming playoff schedules.

Playoff Breakdowns:

We will be playing for two separate cups. League I Cup, and League II. Good stuff.

League I:
The top 4 teams of the regular season will play 3 matches against the other squads of the table over 3 weeks. The Final will be played in the 4th week at 2pm.

League II:
The bottom 5 teams of the regular season will play 3 matches against the other squads of the group over 4 weeks. The 5th rank team will play four matches, and will keep their best 3 results. The final will also be played in the 4th week, just prior to the League I final at 1pm. Teams ranked 1-4 in League II (Group B) will have a bye-week scheduled into the 4 playoff weeks. It may seem a little convoluted, but this is how it is when you have 5 teams.

THERE WILL BE NO PICK UP PLAYERS ALLOWED IN ANY OF THE GAMES MOVING FORWARD. You’re team is short on numbers, sorry, you’re short, bummer. The only exception to this is FC Penn Run who is eligible to pick up a keeper. Furthermore, players not on the current rosters, are not eligible to play. If I’m missing someone on the roster, please let me know. Lastly, players who have not attended 3 weeks of play or more, are also not eligible.

We’ve done a great job at calling our own, and governing ourselves. These games will become more competitive, but lets not lose sight of the big picture.

Play hard, have fun.


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