Summer 4v4

Some say our best run of the year, the Summer 4v4 League is for players of all skill levels aged 14-80, and divides a standard pitch into four smaller fields. Each team plays two 40-min matches every week for the duration of our 10-week season, May 16-July 18. Thursdays are where it all began for ICFC. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

4v4 is never cancelled
Unlike our Winter Indoor and Adult 7v7 leagues, there is no draft held for 4v4. Captains arrange and register their own teams. There will be two divisions from the outset where teams can choose their own competition level: Open League and Community League. Players who wish to play, but aren't connected with a squad, can register here with the league.
Inclement Weather Policy
By rule in ICFC's in-house leagues, we plan to play through rain and will only cancel for thunderstorms or lightning, as they're very, very frightening. However, in extreme situations, we may make exceptions for field integrity. This will typically happen early in the year before the township has a chance to begin seasonal maintenance, and field damage early on can lead to a full summer of playing catch-up with respect to field conditions. Our inclement weather policies are otherwise:

  • In the rare event of an advanced cancellation decision, ICFC will announce postponements by 4:00 PM on match day. Captains will be notified so they can inform their squads. Also, a post will be made on this website and be shared through ICFC's social media platforms.
  • If players do not see an announcement through these avenues, they should expect to play. Any other weather decisions will be made on the field.
  • Any sight of lightning will immediately suspend play until 20 minutes after the last sight of lightning.
  • Every attempt will be made to respect the set schedule. If a weather delay causes the first match to unduly delay the start of the second match, it will be called short. If a weather delay causes the second match to run too far into dusk, it will be called short. If at least 20 minutes of any match are played prior to being called short, it will be considered a complete match.
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