Newsletter 2014.14

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November 11, 2014
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January 11, 2015

Newsletter 2014.14


I hope everyone is enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend.

Winter League:

League Table Update

First off, kits have been pressed. They are long sleeve, which is nice for indoor. I’m pretty sure I’m right on my numbers, I did notice that on the HS Boys side, I had a player who wasn’t on the sign in sheet. Fortunately, I had their color in a short sleeve, so there will be one player who doesn’t get a long sleeve. Tough break. Also, kits were ordered on the basis of your roster as of week 1. Therefore if you transferred, or plan to transfer, you don’t get a new kit. I can only think of one player this effects to date. Tough break.

Matches have been going smoothly, we’ve been hitting our time points, the only thing I ask is that captains; PLEASE, report your scores to me via e-mail or text if I am not there. As much as I enjoy staying at the turf for 4 hours on a Sunday, it will not be a regular occurrence.

I’ve updated the roster sheet. We seem to be pretty well balanced. There are some players out there who have not shown up yet, so I’ve listed them under the ‘R’ section as ‘Reserves.’ If for some reason you know if a player listed in this section is NOT committed to the league, let me know and I’ll remove them. Also, I have a section on the roster sheet for those players who have not yet paid. Some of these players may fall into the ‘not committing’ section, but until its confirmed there has to be some accountability.

Payment, costs of league, etc; Normally I do not post these things, but quite frankly I’m pretty tired of being questioned on where the money goes. So for those of you who have commented on the expense of indoor I have attached the expense sheet on the cost of the league. As you can see, we are still not 100% funded. So if any of you have any further questions on what your $80.00 actually gets you please feel free to contact me directly. And those of you who have kindly made payment with no comments what so ever your understanding in this matter is appreciated.

Cost Analysis


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