League Cup Round 2 Results

League Cup Round 1 Results
February 11, 2013
Gunners FC Win Futsal League Cup
March 4, 2013

League Cup Round 2 Results

Can be found here: Link

Finals are this Sunday.

Schedule and Differentials are as follows:

12:00 Manwich United (-1) v AC Tanaka
– No one ever would of thought Manwich U would be favored, but they match up well here, being that neither team has any type of emphasis on getting back.
1:00 Real Altrogge (-9) v Lady Cats SC
– Remember my first post that said, lets have fun, and try not to run up the score. Yeah, the Brah’s over at Real Altrogge never read that and start off facing a 9 goal deficit to a much improved Lady Cats SC squad.
2:00 LEAGUE CUP FINAL Gunners FC (-4) v FC Penn Run
– Regular Season Champions Gunners FC have won every match, they have the best squad, and should not have a problem with FC Penn Run even when giving 4 goals, but if they somehow lose….oh man.

I recommend that players from both the 12:00 and 1:00 match stick around and partake in the heckling that is encouraged for the League Cup Finals.

Lastly, thanks to everyone for participating. We will see you at 4 v 4.


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