League Cup Round 1 Results

League Cup Play
February 6, 2013
League Cup Round 2 Results
February 21, 2013

League Cup Round 1 Results

Link (also, please note I have linked the Futsal League AND the 4 v 4 League pages under ‘Leagues’.)

Goal differential +/- is measured in Real Goals Against, and do not award handicapped goals into the +/- tie breaker.

Handicap system worked for week 1 despite the fact that everyone’s initial reaction was to bitch as if though I had just slapped your child.

The fact of the matter was, every match that was played, was within a ‘2 goal’ deficit and stayed competitive.

A special message for those opposed to the Handicapped System:

This method was put into place so squads have to play soccer for a full 50 minutes, instead of the matches becoming non-competitive by half tiime. Gunners FC rolled the first 10 weeks of the season by an average goal deficit of +6. Yes, this method is unorthodox. No, it probably is not the most fair method in the world, but from a standard deviation point of view, it provides a better match up against those teams who are not as skilled when they are up against top squads. This idea was to bring some small amount of parity to the final three weeks of the season. We are a small club, it is not easy trying to keep things fresh with a 6 team 13 week season. If you have any ideas on how we can go about doing this in the future, than I am certainly open for suggestions.

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