Winter League Updates

0-40 Match 18 Championship Match
November 15, 2013
Winter League News, 2 Week Break, 3v3 Tournament.
January 22, 2014

Winter League Updates


3 Things:

1. We are about 65% to our goal on turf time. I know there are a handful of players out there that have spoken to me directly in regards to payment, and we should have those back, bringing us to 100%. I would like to note. Any overage that is collected will be used on additional overhead (some new futsal balls.) Anything after that is just rolled over into our next dues (field time for 4v4.) This all being said. We DO NOT supplement players on a pay as you go, week to week basis. So don’t come up to me with a $5.00 bill because you’re only going to be here from time to time. If you’re playing 1-5 matches, that’s part time. $30.00. If you’re playing 6-10 matches $60.00. If you can only afford $5.00 at a time, then this league is not for you. The Rec department runs pick up on Thursday for, you guessed it, $5.00. So consider checking that out. And yes, we do keep track as to how many games you’ve attended, and if you’ve paid part time and are on the pitch for your 6th match either have the additional $30 in your hand or just go home.

2. Moving forward on the games, records, spreads, rosters, etc. I urge everyone, my squad included, to steer away from making this into a pick up league. Where players are doubling up on squads to either get more playing time, make the game more even, provide more subs, whatever. Stick with your squad that you are rostered on. In the event your squad is short on players, then it is up to the opposing squad to approve/deny players that are ‘picked up.’ This keeps the spreads accurate. Not only that, but the 2nd match yesterday Sporting Mckelvy had 4+ subs of rostered players, who have paid for their turf times. In addition they had 2 players who were playing for their team not on their roster. As an unrostered player doing this. You’re taking time away from a paid player. If you want to play pick up soccer, re-read item #1 starting with ‘The Rec department runs pick up….’

3. Player additions. My team is full, your team, most likely is full too. Ohhhh, but you have a friend of a friend who played soccer, and would like to get on a team. That’s great. In October I made everyone aware of the deadlines for indoor. We are in week 4, a third of the way through the season, registration is closed. If your friend of a friend wants to play, you may put him on your squad. Please make him aware of the part time/full time dues and how they work. DO NOT text me, at midnight, from the bar, saying. “I’ve got a friend of a friend who wants to play soccer, my team is full, can you find him a team.” No, I can’t. Thanks.

Yes, this league style is very different than what a lot of us are used to. But the talent pool in Indiana is not great enough, or large enough to have consistent tiered leagues. Not to mention it is hard enough to meet our turf time quota without adding additional hours for more teams out of what amounts to the same number of players. The idea for winter is show up, have fun, and hopefully with the spreads play in some close games. If you feel you do not get a long enough run in, you could always show up, before your match (or stay after) and run the track around the baseball fields. I won’t even ask you for money to do that.


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