Winter League News, 2 Week Break, 3v3 Tournament.

Winter League Updates
December 2, 2013
FC Penn Run claims 2013-2014 Futsal Cup
March 10, 2014

Winter League News, 2 Week Break, 3v3 Tournament.


2 week break:
We are coming into our final regular season week for Indoor. Please keep in mind that we have the next TWO weeks off. This Sunday is the Bow and Gun Show. Next Sunday is the youth tournament. The following week (Sunday Feb 9, we will resume with Week 10 of the regular season.

Again, please note that our playoff schedule is different from our regular season schedule. After the completion of week 10 we will get the final table standings. Ranks 1,3,5 will be group A, Ranks 2,4,6 will be group B. The only definitive rank determined is my lonely squad at rank 6. From here spreads will be set for the matches played for week 11. Week 11 matches are 28minutes long, you will play a match, sit a match, play a match. This requires that we have all the teams at the facility at the same time and promotes the best atmosphere for heckling players. I have set it up this way, solely for this reason. Upon completion of week 11. The final seeds will be determined for the week 12 Futsal Cup finals. Group winners get a first round bye, and Ranks 2&3 from each group have a play-in match. The play-in, and semi finals will be 28 minutes. The finals will be a standard 50min match. Again, it is set up this way to have all squads/players present for playoffs and to promote heckling.

3v3 Tournament:
The 3v3 tournament will replace our traditional ‘futsal cup’ from years past. The 3v3 tournament date is set for Saturday March 22nd, 2014. The first match will kickoff promptly at 8am. This tournament will be capped at 12 teams. At $40.00 per team. We will run two fields simultaneously using the width of the pitch, a 6 foot Futsal goal, a futsal ball, and the backboards WILL be in play. Group play, 3, 20 minute matches, you know the drill. Touchlines will exist. I recommend rosters of 4-5 but you can have as many as you would like. To guaranty a spot, I will need your teams $40.00 and roster prior to Saturday March 22nd. If you tell me you’re IN. But you haven’t paid, and you show up March 22nd, and you’re the 13th team. Guess what, You’re OUT.

E-mail me if you have any questions.

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