Futsal Cup play begins

Futsal Cup Rounds
January 23, 2020
Spring Has Sprung, It’s 7v7 Draft Time
March 12, 2020

Futsal Cup play begins

With Sunday's results, we will be splitting the league 5 up and 6 down for Cup Round Robin play over the next 6 weeks (5 match weeks with an off-week on Feb 23). We noticed, in hindsight, that TeamSnap uses a 2-1-0 point system for its standings... NOT SO FAST! ICFC has always used the classic 3-1-0 point system for standings, and so the results are as you see posted here. These are also reflected on the main league page. Congratulations to Shelocta City FC on securing the 2019-20 Futsal Community Cup.
Point systems have been brought to TeamSnap's attention for future reference. Amateurs.

For Cup Round Robin play, we will be keeping the standings on the league page, not on TeamSnap; HOWEVER, captains, please continue to enter your scores in TeamSnap. We will reference these scores to update the website table.

We're having some difficulty uploading the Cup schedule to TeamSnap, but will make sure this is finished by the end of the week. In the meantime, the Club's Calendar IS updated, so everyone does have access to the schedule. [Google/Outlook] [Apple] The schedule is visible... on the league page. (Notice a trend?)

Things kick off this coming Sunday at 10 AM with Whites Woods Wolves & SC Renegades.

Good luck!


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