2020 Summer 4v4

May 2020
May 22, 2020
2020 4v4 Registration Deadline
June 12, 2020

2020 Summer 4v4

Aaaaaand… we’re back!

Sort of.

But we’re gonna be playing soccer, again!

4v4 is set to begin soon and it will look very different from what we’re all accustomed to, but we’re getting out to the fields to reclaim a little familiarity in this new normal.

Beginning the week of June 14, we are planning a 7-week season to end on July 30. The costs for this season will be prorated from original plans: The Individual Rate will be $42, the Household Rate will be $72. We understand that there are abnormal financial hardships in this environment. Club policy has always been that we will not let money be a reason that someone does not play soccer in Indiana County. Now, more than ever, if you have need, please reach out to a board member and we will work something out.

There will necessarily be procedural changes to how we operate this summer, even in the Commonwealth’s Green Phase. Most of these changes are detailed in the Club's COVID-19 Risk Management Plan. While we all assume a level of risk when interacting with each other in this pandemic environment, the Club is committed to following CDC Guidelines to reduce these risks as much as we can. It is incumbent upon all players to follow along while we play.

The most significant change for this season will be that the club will run two separate divisions: the regular Thursday night league and an alternate division that plays on Tuesdays. This alternate division is intended for those players who, by choice or by necessity, have employed (and will continue to employ) extra-careful precautionary measures in their lives to avoid viral contraction, and might have otherwise not played this summer without this opportunity. Members who choose to play in this division are making a commitment to maintain strict social distancing and other preventative measures away from the soccer field, through the duration of the season. They are committing to 4v4 being their sole social and public exposure for the next 7 weeks. Other guidelines regarding this division are included in the Management Plan, but a couple significant rules bear repeating:
  • No member may play in both divisions. If you have to miss your regular league night one week, you may not, under any circumstances, play in the other division that week. Registering means you play with ICFC on one night of the week. The end.
  • All members of a household must play in the same division. No exceptions.
If the Tuesday league night is more convenient for you than Thursdays, but you’re not committed to - or are unable to commit to - maintaining strict preventative measures away from the field, this division is not for you. If your good friend or friends are playing in the alternate division but you’re not committed or cannot commit to maintaining strict preventative measures, this division is not for you. If your professional environment requires you to compromise preventative measures, sadly this division cannot be for you.

We don’t know that there will be enough people with these needs to warrant a separate division, but we’re making the option available to best serve our members, and we’ll adjust accordingly in the coming week-plus before kickoff.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Please get your registration in through TeamSnap as soon as possible, and don’t forget to give us your shirt size in registration so we can have shirts ordered as quickly as possible!

Thanks, see you on the fields, can’t wait!



  1. Logan Lichtenfels says:

    How to we add players to a team. I created a team on TeamSnap but it also states I’m unassigned

    • mgmt says:

      Hi, Logan — I’ll populate the rosters Monday night/Tuesday. Just make sure you and your teammates have filled in the Team Name slot on the registration form.

  2. Tanner Hoscheid says:

    Hi I was wondering I would be able to join the team Summit FC late! I was wanting to join late to be an extra sub for them. Thank you!