Weekly Newsletter 2014.7

Weekly Newsletter 2014.6
June 13, 2014
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July 9, 2014

Weekly Newsletter 2014.7

Week 6 is complete. Approaching week 7 this will be the final week prior to the championship groupings. Also, the transfer window closes prior to kickoff in week 8. This means players who are seeking new squads, must do so prior to kickoff. This also means that any player that has not made at least 1 appearance in a match can only play if it is agreed upon by the opposing team. We call this the ‘Ahmed’ rule, who showed up during the final week of championship play in 2011.

Players around the club:

– Justin Tanaka
Conner Reed Tanaka born 6/15/14 Fathers Day. If you see Justin congratulate him on baby Tanaka 2.0.
– Cole Rosenberger
On 6/1/14 Cole’s Cup Squad Arsenal won their first PA West State Cup. There have been very few PA West State Cups to come through Indiana, PA. Cole and his squad will be off to the Regional Championships this weekend. Best of Luck.

4v4 Payment:
I know of two players that have not paid me that continue to show up. Look around you, and take note that everyone else playing has paid the piper, and you’re officially a deadbeat. If you don’t have your dues prior to week 7, I will call you out. You will not like it. I will not care.


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