Weekly Newsletter 2014.5

Weekly Newsletter 2014.4
May 30, 2014
040 2014 Match Day 6
June 10, 2014

Weekly Newsletter 2014.5


ICFC Happenings:

We will kickoff week 5 promptly at 6pm. All future kickoff times will be at 6pm. 6PM, 6:00PM, SIX O’CLOCK P.M. Six O’clock Post Meridian Time.
This week finishes up the end of round 2. Where it looks like we will promote/relegate 2 squads before hashing out the final championship level groupings. See your squads standings here.

World Cup Schedule & Gatherings:
The World Cup officially kicks off on this Thursday at 4pm (Brazil v Croatia.) As a club we always try to get together for the U.S. matches as well as change venue locations to please some of the request we’ve had by establishment owners. Therefore, I present to you the ICFC World Cup Venue Schedule:

Monday 6/16 6pm Kickoff USA v Ghana – HB Culpeppers Upstairs
Sunday 6/22 6pm Kickoff USA v Portugal – Brunzies
Thursday 6/26 NOON Kickoff USA v Germany – Grubs

Be there before kickoff if you wish to speak to me. With exception to half time I will be pretty much non-verbal during play, and no, I don’t care what you think USA should of done, should be doing, or what you would of done. So please don’t inform me of it. Klinnsman knows more than you. Period. Always and forever.

Bring your family, bring your kids, bring your friends, pack the place. It’s a World Cup Summer. Where the awesomeness is so great that if it happened every year I would have a heart attack by the time I am 50.

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