Weekly Newsletter 2014.11

040 2014 Match Day 10
October 8, 2014
Weekly Newsletter 2014.12
November 4, 2014

Weekly Newsletter 2014.11


We are winding down the fall, just like that. Hard to believe that just a few newsletters ago I was posting about 4v4, such is life.

0-30 Playoffs:
The 0-30 Squad hosts the League 2 semi-final on Sunday at 3pm. Somewhere, somehow the 0-30’s became horribly effective, and strung together a nice winning streak to position themselves at the top of the table. Not only are they in the League 2 semi-finals, but they have secured a promotion to league 1, where I would only assume they’ll be put in place back to the levels of mediocrity. Nonetheless, Sunday, 3pm, White township fields, good soccer?

Winter League Sign-Up:
And now the moment all of you have been waiting for. Winter League Sign Ups. Judging by the number of e-mails, texts, and singing telegrams I’ve received along the lines of:
– when does indoor start
– when is the draft
– what team am I on
– can I be on joe’s team this winter
– did you post about indoor yet
– do you know when indoor starts
– indoor, make sure I’m on a team
and my favorite:
– I hate indoor, do you know when it starts

Means you’ve all been anxiously waiting for direction. Therefore, I announce. Draft day will be Sunday November 9th at Brunzies Taproom. Futsal League kickoff will be Sunday November 16th with matches starting (tentatively at 11, 12, 1, 2.)

This year we will have a full draft with all players signing up on the public online sign up sheet hosted by google.

League info, sign ups, etc can be found on the Winter League Page.


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