4 v 4 League Cup Round 5

4v4 League Cup Round 4
July 9, 2013
4 v 4 Season Wrap Up
July 23, 2013

4 v 4 League Cup Round 5

Upsets, own goals, three way ties endless scenarios leading into the final week, and the cup finals.

FC Penn Run rolls in week 9 included an upset to League 1 leaders Gunners FC. Rovers earn a point in their inter-league fixture. Sporting upsets Tunes.

The table is set for League 1. Should be a great League 1 Cup Final.

League 2 has a three team tie in the running for the final spot in the Cup Final. Inter 40’s play their cross league counterparts in Tunes. Which plays part in what could turn out to be an elimination match between Grubs & Rovers. This all of course could of been a thing of the past had it not been for a Ben Scherf own goal in the waning moments vs Inter 40 in match 2 of week 9. Coverage on the actual play was filmed and posted on youtube:

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