2017-18 Winter League Schedule & Notes

2017-2018 ICFC Winter Futsal League
October 23, 2017
ICFC Concert Series: Hamell On Trial, with Caleb J. Murphy
November 15, 2017

2017-18 Winter League Schedule & Notes

Gunners FC vs Wygon Athletic, circ… 2013?

FINALLY, some schedule clarity! We’ve posted the schedule to the front page, at least as it runs from this Sunday, November 12, through December 17. Please take a look at it, here, as this includes some notes about how the season may develop at later dates. It requires your feedback as a league participant, so please lend us your voice.

Notably, the way the calendar falls this year, both Dec 24 and Dec 31 are Sundays. We’d like to know how you’d like us to handle league scheduling on those dates — ie, either proceed as normal or take a hiatus, pushing the league calendar back two weeks. In the event of league hiatus, we would still likely hold events on those dates for those who remain in the area. It’s your call.

Also, the 3:00 pm time slot is not available to the league for our game dates Jan 7 – Feb 25. We have some decisions to make about how we need to adjust the schedule, and your feedback is needed there, too.


Please arrive 30 min prior to your matches this week to register and pay dues. It’d be a big help if you were able to download the waiver form and have it ready to submit. Dues are as follows:

Full-time players (7-15 matches): $140

Part-time players (4-6 matches): $100

Family (family household and children of players): $200

Visiting alumni (1-3 matches, direct to waiver wire): $10/appearance


Dues can be paid one of three ways: by Cash (it’d be awesome if cash was in a labeled envelope), by Check made payable to ICFC, or by PayPal. For PayPal, either visit paypal.me/icfc and proceed there, or use the app and send your payment to [email protected]. In either regard, please select the “Goods and Services” payment option as opposed to the “Friends and Family” option.


That’s it. Your captains should have disseminated rules and regulations notes that they received last night. If you haven’t been apprised, yet, please contact your captain. Otherwise, Atletico Afshar and IHS Young Bucks kick things off this Sunday at 11:00am. See you there!

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