Winter League Draft Day

7v7 final week + indoor draft & registration
October 3, 2018
Holidays with ICFC
November 21, 2018

Winter League Draft Day

It’s draft day for our 2018-19 indoor futsal league, which begins November 4. Registration closes today at the draft, 6pm!

If you haven’t signed up to play, yet, we don’t know that you want to play, so you’ll HAVE to show up at the draft to get in. But, otherwise, just use the web form ike everyone else:


Noble Stein is kind enough to open their doors just for us this evening at 6pm. If you’re new to the league, it’s a great way to meet the group. It’ll run as long as it takes us to fill 10 teams, with some post-draft roster commiserating. Hope to see you there.

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