Weekly Newsletter 2014.3

040 2014 Match Day 4
May 22, 2014
Weekly Newsletter 2014.4
May 30, 2014

Weekly Newsletter 2014.3


4v4 Registrations
Thanks for an efficient registration process for 4v4. I really appreciate it. Please check the Summer League tab for updates, schedules, rosters, etc. I had to make a couple of schedule adjustments on match-ups due to calling out the incorrect squads in week 1. That, and I received an anonymous special request from a player from the Jabroni’s squad asking if there can be a schedule adjustment so they can be scheduled to play the Loco’s squad next Thursday as opposed to this Thursday. A request like this can really only be accommodated this early in the season, and I’m happy to support anything that will create some type of rivalry. Regardless, the times do not change, just your opponents.

T-shirt order
For the most part I have had squad captains fill out roster forms for players on their teams. If you plan on making additions please make me aware of it. The shirt order will be made prior to week 3 kickoff so any newly added players, may not get the coveted 4v4 kit.

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