Weekly Newsletter 2014.2

040 2014 Match Day 2
May 5, 2014
040 2014 Match Day 3
May 22, 2014

Weekly Newsletter 2014.2


We are officially one week from 4 v 4 kickoff.

With that I have some announcements:

Kickoff time amendment
The first 4 weeks of the season we will be kicking off promptly at 7pm. This is an hour later than originally planned, hopefully it is not much of an inconvenience but due to the early season bad weather our youth travel squad practice schedules were amended. I am not going to take field time away from the youth program to for this league, and pushing back kickoff an hour later for the rest of May and early June was the easiest solution. I have posted the amended times in the Summer League page, and have edited the brochure/waiver accordingly.

Squad Registrations
There will be a number of people helping with registration on Thursday May 15th (Match Day 1) beginning at 6pm 1 hour prior to kickoff. Please have your players ready with the signed waiver and the appropriate dues ($). The registration table will have blank waivers available. Team captains, we will have roster sheets for you to complete, these roster sheets contain information on T-shirt sizes, accounts payable, etc. Work with us on this please. The initial registration is important for the club to make sure the correct number of shirts are ordered, and that everyone has executed the required waiver of liability, with the number of squads we have this year, and players per squad, I’m basically organizing over 100 players in less then an hour prior to kickoff. Help me, help you. I can’t stress this enough.

Total Squads
Great news on this, I’m currently sitting at 11 squads, I am hoping we will have 1 additional squad to make an even 12. If we don’t, no problem, we will deal. Believe it or not, the absence of Real Mateer is hurting us, as they would of made the 12th squad.

FC Penn Run
Gunners FC
United United
Young Bucks
Inter 40 (1)
Inter 40 (2)
Grubs Squad
AC Mullen
Neverton FC
Sporting MW
PS Daymut

6 Fields, simultaneously, who would of thought. I can remember having only 2 fields, 4 squads, playing round robin every week, for 10 weeks straight.

I’ll try to continue to post weekly newsletters.

7 days to kickoff.

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