2017 Youth Summer 4v4 League

2017 Summer 4v4
April 30, 2017
Indiana Area Senior High School
Dates Set For The 2017 Indiana Area Senior High School Alumni Matches
July 10, 2017

2017 Youth Summer 4v4 League

4v4 Youth League:

– This league is a continuation of our 4v4 youth program that we have provided the past two years. However, in an effort to make this particular summer program more of a competitive environment we are steering away from our former, pick up style small sided matches, into a more structured league schedule.

What This Means:

Players will be on set squads for the 6 week, 12 games season. I.C.F.C. will facilitate and govern all matches. However, we are leaning on the players and parents to come into the league with teams already formed with a parent(s) that can be used as a contact point and be present for each match day.

If there are players in need of a squad, we will help them find placement, but again, we will NOT be dividing and formulating teams on our own.

The recommended ages for this league is 10-14 years of age. We do not have any HARD cutoff dates, but we do reserve the right to turn down players who may fall below or above the skill level we are targeting. In simpler terms, if your child is outside of the 10-14 range, lets talk about their skill level, and we’ll help you determine whether or not this league will be an enjoyable experience.

Any and all questions can be directed towards our email address ([email protected]), and we encourage all parents to attend the June 7th league meeting one week prior to kickoff.

Our goal for the youth program is to simply provide a competitive (and educational) summer league environment for players in the area.

*The June 7th league meeting will take place at the following date, time and location:

6PM, Wednesday, June 7, 2017
George Lenz Soccer Fields
497 East Pike Road
Indiana, PA 15701
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To download the “Youth 4v4 Registration Form:” Click Here

To download the “Youth 4v4 Team Roster Form:” Click Here

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